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Cyberross is a comprehensive information security management firm, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive business data against unauthorized access, disclosure, distribution, and destruction. We utilize industry standards, regulations, and best practices to objectively evaluate risks to your information security assets. Our team customizes information security programs to match each client's specific security requirements. Our specialists actively participate in information security organizations such as OWASP, EC-Council, CIS, ISACA, ISC2, SANS, and ISECOM.

Our story begins from day zero

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Tallinn, Cyberross is a professional cybersecurity service provider offering innovations and solutions to combat cyber attacks, eliminate fraud and protect brands around the world.

Our Core Principles

Executing tasks correctly and prioritizing the correct tasks

Behaving ethically, upholding positive values, providing support to our customers, partners, and friends, and fostering mutual assistance.

Gaining income through ethical means and promoting a culture of cybersecurity

We channel our profits towards improvement in the areas of our presence and recruiting fresh talent to analyze the local threat landscape.

Pioneering and Innovation in cybersecurity services

We consistently pioneer and enhance our approach and services with the aim of making a proactive impact in the battle against cybersecurity.

Ensuring Service Quality and Resiliency: Our Expert Guide for Companies

Helping companies protect their core services by offering expert advice and practical experience to maintain service quality and sustainability.

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